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American Carpet Distributors is a leading carpet store serving businesses in the Chicago area for more than 40 years.


Selecting new carpet for your business is an important decision and we can help. The higher volume and traffic in businesses requires commercial carpet that is designed for high traffic. At American Carpet Distributors, we have a great selection of wholesale carpet in colors and styles that will suit your needs and the durability your business requires.
Commercial Carpet
As the distributor, showroom, and installer, we carry commercial carpet from leading manufacturers at the best discounted prices. We have quality carpeting from Mohawk Carpet, Shaw Carpet, and other top brands. Your new carpet will be installed by our experienced professional installers who are experienced with all types of commercial carpeting.

We encourage you to visit our showroom to see the extensive variety of options available for your business. We have friendly and knowledgeable sales people to help you find the right carpeting to meet the needs of your business. 

Commercial Carpeting

Types of Carpet

The two main types of carpet construction are defined by the way the carpet fibers are attached to their backing:

Loop pile means the fibers are bent into little loops. It’s a very durable, stain-resistant carpeting, but has a low profile and limited cushioning. 
Cut pile carpets cut the yarn tips so there aren’t any loops. Cut pile carpets tend to be denser and softer than loop pile.
Plush Carpet


Cut pile carpet... Most traditional and formal for homes. Plush is smooth and level in height. It is also comfortable and cozy perfect for bedrooms.
Freire Carpet


Cut pile carpet... A fun and soft choice for informal/casual rooms. Obscures footprints and vacuum marks well. Known for its resilience, due to a high twist rate, outperforming standard carpets.
Berber Carpet


Loop pile carpet... Its construction makes berber highly durable. Popular for areas with significantly heavy use such as offices and high-traffic areas in homes, such as family rooms, hallways, and staircases.
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We are the distributor, showroom & the installer. That's why we can offer the lowest prices in Chicago. But we can do more to help you save more!
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After many years American Carpet Distributors boast the best prices around the Chicagoland area. Our professional installation begins with on-time delivery of your flooring from our experienced carpet mechanics.

True craftsmanship and pride in our work makes us the one stop shop for quality service and low prices.

Our consultants come to your home to determine the exact amount needed, planning for seams based on traffic patterns and room layouts.

The success we generate comes from happy customers and we take the responsibility of doing a job right the first time.